WHISKAS® Kitten 2-12 Months Poultry Feasts in Jelly Wet Kitten Food Pouches 85g

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🐱 WHISKAS® Kitten Mixed Menu in Jelly: A Wholesome Feast for Your Growing Kitten 🌟

Treat your adorable kitten to a delightful culinary experience with WHISKAS® Kitten Mixed Menu in Jelly wet cat food pouches. Carefully crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of kittens aged 2-12 months, these pouches offer a variety of flavors to tantalize your kitten’s taste buds.

Key Features: 🍗 Assorted Poultry Flavors: Each pouch contains a delectable mix of chicken, duck, poultry, and turkey, providing a diverse range of flavors that your kitten will love.

🌿 Sustainably Sourced Ingredients: WHISKAS® is committed to using sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring that your kitten receives the highest quality nutrition while supporting responsible practices.

🥘 Complete Nutrition: These wet cat food pouches are formulated to provide your kitten with all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development, making them an ideal choice for everyday feeding.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 85g per pouch

Give your kitten the nourishment they need to thrive with WHISKAS® Kitten Mixed Menu in Jelly. With every mouthful, your kitten will enjoy a balanced and flavorful meal that satisfies their cravings and supports their overall well-being! 🐾🌟 #KittenNutrition #FlavorfulFeasts #WhiskasDelights


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