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Pet Mouse Toy Stick


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Introducing our Pet Mouse Toy Stick:

1. **Material**: Crafted with a durable plastic rod, feathered mouse, and engaging bell for long-lasting fun.

2. **Size**: The stick measures 28cm (11.02″), with a 6cm (2.36″) x 3cm (1.18″) x 3cm (1.18″) mouse and an 8cm (3.15″) mouse feather.

3. **Rope Elongation**: The telescopic rope ranges from 40cm (15.75″) to 90cm (35.43″), providing dynamic play possibilities.

4. **Features**:
– Small, free-swinging, and flexible for entertaining cat play.
– Feathers and vocal mouse attract your cat’s attention.
– Invokes hunting and tracking instincts.
– Telescopic rope allows the mouse to stretch and shake, keeping the cat engaged.

Bring out the playful hunter in your cat with our Pet Mouse Toy Stick — the perfect blend of fun and stimulation. Order now and let the games begin!


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