Cat/Puppy Harness With Leash – Adjustable

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🐾Cat / Puppy Harness With Leash – Adjustable 🐾

Make walks with your furry friend safe and enjoyable with our Puppy Harness With Leash. Designed with convenience, comfort, and safety in mind, this harness is perfect for cats, rabbits, puppies, and small dog breeds like Teddy, Bomei, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Schnauzer, Bichon, and more.

Key Features:

🔒 Easy to Use: Simply clip-on the harness and adjust it to fit your pet snugly for a secure and comfortable fit.

🛡️ Safe Design: The harness features a durable metal ring and a strong hook, ensuring your pet stays securely attached during walks, preventing escapes or accidents.

⚙️ Adjustable: With an adjustable design, the harness can be customized to fit your pet perfectly. The adjustment range of 21-34cm provides flexibility for pets of various sizes.

🔄 Metal Ring Included: The harness comes with a metal ring for easy attachment of the leash, providing stability and control during walks.

🔗 Clip-On: The harness features a convenient clip-on mechanism, making it quick and easy to put on and take off your pet.

🐾 Soft and Durable: Crafted from soft yet durable materials, the harness ensures maximum comfort for your pet while also withstanding daily wear and tear.

📏 Dimensions: The harness has a width of 1.0CM and a rope length of 1.2m, with an adjustment range of 21-34cm, suitable for small pets.

Upgrade your pet’s walking experience with our Puppy Harness With Leash – Adjustable, and enjoy safe, comfortable, and stress-free walks with your beloved companion. Invest in quality and convenience for you and your pet today! 🌟 #PuppyHarness #PetSafety #AdjustableLeash

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Cat/Puppy Harness With Leash – Adjustable
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